What will help lower back pain from standing on hard floor at work?

I stand on a hard floor for 8 hours a day (everyday) at work. By the time I go home my back is hurting so bad I find it hard to stand up-right and walk. Back belts are not allowed. Is there anything I can do to ease the pain while I’m working?

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  1. vanschick1

    Make sure you have a really good pair of comfortable but sturdy shoes and maybe try getting some gel insoles. I’m not sure what your job is, but if you can, you could try asking your boss to put down some kind of carpeting or other dampening material that would help take away the strain..

  2. tinahdez@sbcglobal.net

    Don’t stand in a fixed position all day. Move around, bend, squat like to tie your shoe laces. Then when you get home lie flat on your back on the floor for a few minutes. That should help. Also do stretch your quads by holding a bent leg backwards for ten seconds each leg.

  3. GMoss

    Doctors And nurses all wear those Crocks. I have a pair for the same reason. they arent very expensive and the really do help.

  4. GFISH

    If you stand in one spot like at a counter or register you can use a rubber mat to soften where you are standing (I notice most big stores like home depot or grocery store workers use these to make it easier on their backs)

    Try getting a back belt you can wear under your shirt and no one will see it.

    Also, you may want to get your low back spine and muscles checked because there may be something going on that’s making you have pain besides just the hard floor. You may want to visit a chiropractor.

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