Hurt My Back While Sneezing

I hurt my back today, oddly enough while sneezing really hard, and am now having a hard time standing up straight, walking…basically moving. It has been progressively getting worse throughout the day. From compensating for the pain that is located in the center bottom of the small of my back my muscles on the sides all around are starting to ache.

(I have a 7 month old daughter so avoiding pain is virtually impossible :) What could be wrong? Is it something that will go away with rest or should I see a doctor? Are there any remedies that might help me get through the night? I’ve tried ice packs, heat and stretching… Thanks for your help!

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  1. sleepy -.-

    see a doctor

  2. nope n

    Go to a chiropractor.

  3. HDMOM77

    you might want to see a doc you might have slipped a disk is you back .

    my sister slipped a disk while pooping to hard

  4. poolshtr79

    This happens to me alot too. I take motrin (ibuprofen), alternating it with advil. Ice it for a couple hours then put heat on it for a couple hours. Keep alternating ice and heat. Its just a pulled muscle, it will go away

  5. Em

    The sneeze didn’t cause your back pain. Something was already out of whack and the sudden movement of the sneeze just pointed it out to you. This is what I’ve learned from my chiropractor when I’ve done something like this. Heat helps muscles, cold helps inflamation. If it were me, I think I’d try heat, 10 minutes at a time. Go to the chiropractor tomorrow. Good luck!

  6. fisherwoman

    Sounds like a muscle strain/sprain. You are on the right track with the ice/heat. You will need to rest your back muscles,so try to be aware of your back muscles when you pick up your child. I would also take some Ibuprofen Xtra Strength to help with inflammation and pain. If the pain is worse over the next day or two, I would contact your doc,but I think it will heal on it;s own,you’ll need to give it some time to heal,maybe 10days-2wks.Good luck.

  7. HakJack

    You may have pulled your muscles but another thing to consider is a disc problem (disc herniation). The first remedy would be some rest avoid lifting heavy objects or children :). Sometimes massages or ice/heat packs help. YOu may consider using Advil with food, if no history of allergies or stomach ulcers or bleeding.
    If pain persists for more than 2 weeks, consider xrays and other tests.

  8. Buzz s

    see a chiropractor. They will get you up and going in short order.

  9. KJ

    Hi, my husband did the same thing (only he coughed) about 3 weeks ago. After a couple weeks of agonizing pain I finallly got him to go to a doctor. Turns out he has what they think is a degenerated disc. He’s going for an MRI tomorrow.

    If the pain persists more then a couple days I would see your physician. If it is a disc you could end up with permanent nerve damage.

    Good luck. I feel for you. My husband can hardly walk, can’t sit on the couch or lazy boy, can’t lay down, can’t sleep, etc…His is so bad that Vicodin, Tramadol, steroid packs, and muscle relaxers (not taken all at once) have all failed to give him any relief. His doctor won’t give him any more pain meds either.

  10. defineme_05

    i have been experiencing back pain for many years now and have managed the pain successfully for about a year now. what i found to work was actually a very simple process. and it is also something i did not see in any of the other answers i have seen. ones answer suggested heat for 10 minutes. yes you alternate it with ice packs first heat to relax the muscle. then ice for 10 to reduce inflammation. then take an over the counter ibuprofen. you can take up to 800mg four times a day. also you should lay on the floor and exercise the back muscles by slowly bringing your knees to your chest. do this a few times. then lay your legs flat. bring your bend your right leg into a four shape on the floor and slowly twist your upper body to the left as far as you can. repeat 2 to 3 times. then do the same thing on the left side. the object to to stretch the lower muscles. but do not rush the exercising. you do not want to over stimulate your muscles. and finally when you go to bed at night rest lay on your side and lay a big pillow under you leg bring your knee level with your side. this relieves excess strain on your lower back muscles. if this dose not work after a few days of trying you should consult your doctor for further treatment. i hope this advise helps you my friend and god bless.

  11. mick m

    if a doctor prescribes black pepper don’t take it.

  12. keko

    It is possible that the sneeze could have moved a bone out of place so a chiropractor is a good call. I WOULD see a massage therapist because they are the ones who help the muscles relax. The two most accessible muscle relaxers you might have in your house are molasses (just a swig or two) and bananas (just one or two or the possible side effect is the runs). Heat also helps them relax (moist is best).
    For full information on muscles, pain and referred pain read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies.


    go to the ciropractor. my whole family goes to one and it helps a lot. we even became more flexible.

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