My Back Hurts, It Feels Like a Sprained Neck

My back hurts, it feels like a sprained neck, help?!? I woke up this morning and my back was hurting, it felt like a sprained neck, if I turned my body left or right I would describe it as ” sharp ache pain ” or something like that, and if I would bend my back, same thing. My bed is REALLY old and the springs are broken, is that why? If it is, what happened to my back?

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  1. lilboricua2010

    Its ur bed. flip it over it happens 2 me 2

    also ur bed i assume u mean matres is very old u say.. mine is 8 years old but its big n soft I LOVE IT but flip it at least every 2-5 months 2 avoid this n the neck pain could b 2 many pillows.try 2 not have ur neck lifted 2 high its best 2 keep it str8

  2. Xytan J

    go to a chiropractor

  3. zach p

    well one time i sat on my computer for so long that my spine got out of place it felt like a sword was stabbing into me… your matress or maybe ur spend to much time in ur chair? see a chiropractor

  4. hue

    I think you back is sore because of you old and lumpy mattress. just to be on the safe side go see a doctor.

  5. Samuel D

    Could be a slipped disk. Something similar happened to me some years ago. I twisted my back (spine) working one day. I couldn’t even walk. I laid in bed for a week straight. Had to roll out of bed like a 800 lb gorilla.

    Spinal sprains can cause that kind of sharp pain you feel when you twist any part of the spine. That includes the back and base of the neck. How you twisted it is a minor mystery. Especially since you went to sleep and woke up like that. Are you a violent sleeper? Rocking and Rolling all night long?

    Check with a doctor though.

  6. Susan M

    You could go to the doctor, but depending on your income, maybe you would rather get an new mattress and box spring. There are lots of sales right now and maybe that is where you would get the best prevention of future back problems. For what is hurting now, take ibuprofen or Aleve.
    Put a cold pack on at first, then use heat. You can take a shower and change from cool to warmer on the sore area.
    This kind of pain is usually what I would call a muscle spasm. Can someone massage that area for you, just lightly at first? That may give some relief. Doctors just give naproxen and other drugs,usually, so if you can afford a new bed, go for it!

  7. Stina & Nick

    That actually happened to me a few weeks ago. I just woke up one morning just like any other and could hardly move because of the pain in my back and neck! I thought that if I laid there long enough It would go away but after a few hours of just laying there as still as possible (it was a weekend so I had a little time to waste) it still hurt like death. I eventually gave up trying to lay perfectly still and started slowly moving around and gently forcing myself to stretch though the pain. It began getting better but I wasn’t feeling great until the next afternoon sometime. By the way I’m a 22 year old guy and I exercise regularly.

  8. Naughty Angel

    I think it would be best if you went to a doctor…

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